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How do I pay for Care Management?

Care management is not covered under Medicare Reimbursement at this time. On average, most families pay privately for services. At this time the Care Management rates are $150 per hour.

There are a variety of Long Term Care Policies with specific care management services listed or even “nursing visits” which are reimbursed under the policy benefits. Individuals who have a policy should call their policy administrators to review their plans. I am happy to help you with this.

For those who are still employed, you may have benefits through your employer. Many companies are now offering assessments for older adults under their Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). I highly recommend checking into this potential benefit.

Special Needs Trusts are ideal for providing payment for care management. Since these funds are set aside for those things which will enhance the individual’s services and well-being this should always be considered as a good resource. In general, trusts can be of value in providing written instructions for care management services and need to be reviewed for content.

Medicaid program consultations for aging parents and seniors with Darrin Care Management


Do you offer Medicaid program consultation services?

Care management consultations provide information about the program and evaluate functional and financial eligibility. I will provide guidance to Elder Law attorneys who specialize in estate planning for those families who have complex estates. Care management services are available to assist in completing and or reviewing the application for benefits.

The Medicaid program in the State of Washington is a government health insurance program available to people with very limited income and resources. Medicaid can pay for care services in the home, residential care facilities or adult family homes. Those who reside in nursing home facilities are also eligible for payment of their care costs. I will provide up to date information on the current status of these locations and their admitting policies. Eligibility for this program is related to financial and functional needs. To receive benefits from this program an application must be submitted at your local HCS (Home and Community Services) office. Although there is assistance at the HCS office many of those who are completing the application are adult children with limited time. I am very experienced with the application process and can provide important information as to how to avoid delays and get the best results the first time.


How can Care Management help with those who have serious medical conditions?

Care managers provide coordination of care in all settings. The benefits of having a professional experienced in the medical arena can be enormous. As an RN care manager, I am aware of the best practice protocols driven by diagnosis. There is better communication between the family and the health care system. I am there to make sure there is an advocate to provide information and prompt attention to details needed in the care process. I will review insurance plan coverage and benefits and ensure they are utilized to the fullest extent.

Care Management for individuals with serious medical conditions from Darrin Care
Hospice care management with Darrin Care


How does our service work with Hospice services?

I am frequently requested to assist families who are choosing to use their Hospice benefit. I can help families through the process of initiating services or set up the caregiver system once the benefit is started. All local Hospice providers ask families to identify caregivers and contact individuals if they choose to stay at home. Even if the family is part of the caregiver team, they most likely will need help. For families, it can be very difficult to locate caregivers and direct care. I can review the diagnosis, the level of functioning, and coordinate a good caregiver team. I provide all communication logs for home charting; medication management, contact information, and daily progress notes. As an RN care manager, I will provide caregiver training for care tasks. I will respond to the caregiver calls, family needs or the client’s change of condition. I am aware of the protocols and treatment model and can provide advocacy and prompt communication to the Hospice Team.


How can we help those who have a dementia-related illness?

As a professional care manager, I have advanced training and working knowledge with those who have a cognitive loss. I know the best protocols for treatment and behavior management and can provide direction and resources. Whether your family member is at home, in the hospital, or needs to relocate to a specialty environment, I have the experience with community resources to provide a good outcome for all involved.

Darrin Care Consulting for Seniors and Aging Parents
Darrin Care Consulting for Seniors and Aging Parents
Darrin Care Consulting for Seniors and Aging Parents

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