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How It Works

How It Works at Darrin Care Consulting and Care Management for Seniors and Aging Parents_2

I’ll be here to guide you, every step of the way.

My step-by-step process ensures nothing is forgotten, needs aren’t overlooked, and no one is left behind.

Step 1: The First Call

I know how difficult it can be to find the right care for you or your loved one, so before we begin I first want to make sure Darrin Care is a good fit. This first call can be with the individual receiving care, a spouse, family member(s), concerned professionals, or a referral source. Here we’ll discuss services I offer that fit your needs, get to know each other better, and schedule the first meeting.

One time paid consultations are available without care plan.

Step 2: Pre-Assessment & Onboarding

This step involves gathering the necessary information about your loved one to determine the best course of action for their care. The client or family will fill out what’s known as a “pre-assessment” that provides important information related to the client’s current care, needs, limitations, and financial situation. During this step I will provide the contract for services for you to sign and return. For more information about paying for these services please consult the FAQ & Resources page.

Step 3: The First Meeting

This is when I meet with the client in person to assess their situation and discuss challenges and related care needs. The pre-assessment provides important information about the details and intricacies of the client’s care needs, but this first meeting is crucial for me to understand WHO the client is and what they need included a care plan to achieve a high quality of life. Family members are welcome to join that meeting and encouraged to do so, especially if the senior has dementia. I know as well as anyone that it takes a village, and during this meeting I can guide and advise the family with helpful information as well.

Step 4: Detailed Care Plan

As a professional Certified Care Manager, I review the care challenges and needs discovered in Step 3 and combine it with what I’ve learned about the client personally in our face-to-face meeting. I then create a detailed care plan that includes recommendations for solutions and next steps to provide best care. My expertise as a professional care manager allows for the best possible outcomes for all involved parties. For more information on what you can expect to see in this care plan, please take a look at my Services page.

Step 5: Carry Out the Care Plan

Care management is all about the follow-through. For this step, the family and I work together to carry out the recommendations and suggested next steps from the care plan. These recommendations will most likely change over time as new client needs are determined. As they change, I will regularly communicate and provide care plan updates. This is a personalized approach so each client’s needs and recommendations will vary. These may include, but are not limited to, finding appropriate care assistance for the home, managing chronic disease care, finding appropriate living options, and recommending medical or cognitive care steps. My hands-on approach means you can be assured that I will be actively involved every step of the way to support and advocate for the client. I will be easily accessible to the client and the family.

Step 6: Continuous Observation

As people age their needs and wants change frequently, especially for those later in life. In this step of ongoing care management, I monitor the care being received and make sure that potential updates to the care plan are noticed and carried out. If there are any major changes in the client’s condition or circumstances, I can be called upon at any time to determine steps needed to accommodate for those changes. Families who live at a distance tell me this is the part of my services that they appreciate the most. They know that I’m watching the care being given, watching the older adults physical and mental well-being, communicating with other professionals involved in care, and making sure that the family is well informed about decisions they need to make.

Darrin Care Consulting for Seniors and Aging Parents
Darrin Care Consulting for Seniors and Aging Parents
Darrin Care Consulting for Seniors and Aging Parents

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