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The Care you need, where you need it

An aging related challenge in care can happen at any time. Whether you need an advocate or consultant, I will work with you to solve the immediate care issues that you are facing to provide a clear care plan of options. Then, once the immediate needs are met we can discuss next steps, including how to prevent crises situations as well as how to maintain quality care focused on the well-being of your elderly loved one. The experience I bring to my work means that I can look at any situation and partner with you to solve the problems and reduce stress for you and for the older adults in your life. There is no challenge we can’t face and handle together!

The Home

Remaining at home and being as independent as possible has been proven to help older adults live vital lives. I will meet with the older adult and your family to review the care situation and create a customized care plan to meet their needs in a way that maintains their quality of life and makes your life easier.

The Hospital

Crises happen and I am available. As a Registered Nurse I act as your advocate and consultant and will assure the best care decisions are made and resources that you may not know about are discussed. I often meet clients at the Emergency Room during a crisis to represent them as an advocate and communicate with family, both local and at a distance.

The Nursing Home or Rehabilitation Service

If there is a medical care need, either after discharge from the hospital, or a direct care need, I understand the process and can assist with monitoring care. Medicare has rules about length of time in rehabilitation and I work with everyone involved to make sure that the most is made of the benefits available. When resources run out you may not know what your next options are and I am ready to assist.

The Assisted Living Community or Adult Family Home

Whether you need to find the appropriate living option for your loved one or you need eyes and ears to check on them on a regular basis, I visit area facilities on a regular basis. I know the staff and can check on care to make sure that they are receiving the level of care you expect. I share information with the families after visits and help with any issues that arise.

Darrin Care Consulting for Seniors and Aging Parents
Darrin Care Consulting for Seniors and Aging Parents
Darrin Care Consulting for Seniors and Aging Parents

Contact me today

Please reach out to me to discuss how we can work together to facilitate the best care possible. Whether you are preparing in advance or are currently in a crisis situation, I am available to help you plan for the best care.