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The Home

Home Care Management for Aging Parents and Seniors with Darrin Care

As a person ages, they dream of living their life in the home they have worked hard for, in space that is their own, with autonomy and independence. The first goal of working with care management is to find the best way to help an aging person to remain in their own home as long as possible. There are many services available to help someone remain at home and independent and I make that the focus of meeting someone in their home who wants to stay at home.

I start with a face-to-face meeting (we can do virtual if there are health concerns) to meet the client, learn more about their goals, the living situation as it is today, challenges, issues, and concerns. After gathering information related to their physical living environment, their medical and cognitive health, financial and legal situation such as the need to protect them from scams and also make sure they have all important documents prepared, their support systems, and the primary concerns that may arise in their future care, I return to my office and create a full written care plan with findings and recommendations. This serves as a roadmap for everyone who is involved. My goal is always on the needs and achievable wants of the older adult client.


Disease Management

If there is a diagnosis of a complex acute or chronic illness, care management can improve the quality of care at all levels in the home. I can facilitate the continuity of care where the client wishes to be, coordinate areas related to specialty equipment, locate providers for home modifications, and make arrangements for all transportation needs.

Services Include:

Meet with the elderly client, review the current situation, provide an individualized written care plan with clear recommendations. 
Help carry out the recommendations as needed.

Recommend in home caregiver services to provide the highest quality of care and then watch for caregiving concerns to communicate to the family.

Ongoing visits to review care, assist with medical and mental health needs, communicate with family, and solve and foresee potential issues.

Make sure you are protected if using private duty caregivers to avoid liability and payroll issues.

Review of Medicare, insurance, and other entitlements to fully utilize benefits.

Darrin Care Consulting for Seniors and Aging Parents
Darrin Care Consulting for Seniors and Aging Parents
Darrin Care Consulting for Seniors and Aging Parents

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