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The Hospital

Hospital Care Management for Seniors and Aging Parents with Darrin Care

A Knowledgeable Advocate By Your Side

Whether a crisis situation in the Emergency Department or admitted to the hospital, you will want a care manager by your side. The way that Medicare and insurance work with hospital billing there can be issues surrounding what is covered. I understand how it works and will help protect your loved one every step of the way. With my background as a registered nurse I am able to easily review the medical records, speak with physicians and nurses, and advocate for care decisions that work for your loved one. Sometimes families don’t realize that there are options for treatment and they don’t have to settle for the treatment proposed if they are not sure. I’ll explain options that I know about if they apply to your needs.

If you need assistance in support and education related to the medical diagnosis, I have a good working knowledge of the predicted outcomes of acute or chronic conditions. If needed I can assist with meeting Medicare criteria for discharge planning. Perhaps the most important part of the care coordination is working with the discharge planner to provide timely information on discharge plans. Sometimes a client will need to go to a rehabilitation facility for physical therapy or extended recovery time. I will further enhance your choices and facilitate assistance in finding the location of your preference at the time of discharge. And, it doesn’t have to end at discharge. With ongoing care management services, each care challenge will be met with expertise and guidance.


Disease Management

If you are currently diagnosed with a complex acute or chronic illness, care management can improve the quality of care at all levels in the hospital. I can facilitate the continuity of care where the client wishes to be, coordinate areas related to specialty equipment, locate providers for home modifications, and make arrangements for all transportation needs.

Services Include:

Providing professional oversight of care.

Interfacing with specialists to obtain test results or review treatment plans.

Review discharge plans, order medications, and further medical appointments are identified.

Helping facilitate the 72-hour stay for potential Medicare-covered rehabilitation.

Collaborating with hospital discharge planner to select preferred care community.

Darrin Care Consulting for Seniors and Aging Parents
Darrin Care Consulting for Seniors and Aging Parents
Darrin Care Consulting for Seniors and Aging Parents

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Please reach out to me to discuss how we can work together to facilitate the best care possible. Whether you are preparing in advance or are currently in a crisis situation, I am available to help you plan for the best care.